What Is The Art Of Wealth Creation in stock market?

Wealth creation in stock market

WEALTH CREATION in stock market is always being the aspiration and objective of every investor. Investors tried all ways from the technical to fundamental ways, from following an expert to handling voluntarily, from modern to traditional ways, but the dream was always being to create an ideal wealth with reference to expectations.

Several theories were followed, from the magical power of compounding to the inflation adjusted return, from risk profiling to the tax efficient return and many more. But still the satisfaction and happiness of achievement of the eternal goal of wealth making is still unknown.

Art of investing and wealth making is to be searched in the ocean of simplicity not in the obscureness of the technicalities.

Investment guru Mr. Warren Buffet says “investing is simple but not easy “

From the past 40 years most investors are unable to beat the index return. If we talk about Sensex, starting from the first indicative value of 100 to more than 55000 in last 40 years, is disheartening to see that investors have not made it, what may be the key of this lock of wealth creation?

Solution of wealth creation is simple,

It is more of a behavioral subject rather than a core technical one. investment behavior demands four important qualities for victory over self –

  • Patience to hold the portfolio to the duration of your financial goal
  • Stability in controlling self from deviating under all human emotions,
  • Trust in the fundamentals of the asset you hold, also trust the advisor who advices you.
  • and Isolate yourself from all the distractions developing from peer group influence or from any macro-economic changes.

The other part of wealth creation is belief. Belief in the fundamental prospects of the asset your chose, belief in the progressive economy of our country, belief in the advisor or consultant who support you in every aspect of your life and of course belief in the choices you made in life.

The core part of creating wealth is knowing yourself. This is not very difficult, but usually ignored by all investors. Understanding yourself is a simple 5 step process starting from knowing your exact net worth to financial goal identification then quantification.

It is then followed by risk profiling to understand the best risk appetite and then finally choosing the most apt instrument accordingly by discounting the future value of the identified goal value.

And above all, it is Krishna as a SARTHI who is needed to sail through the financial battles and have the victory of financial independence. Similarly, one needs to have a financial advisor in all steps of your life to construct, monitor, rebalance and to accomplish your financial goals in your life.

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