Harshita Mallareddy

In the last three of my association with Omega Financials, there has not been a single day where I have worried about my Finances. For an early stage, they helped me set my financial goals and plans in place as per my life aspirations and been a constant support through all the ups and downs including medical emergencies and other crises. I strongly resonated with their belief of Sustainable Saving – Investing smart so you can have enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle right now while saving for the future. The cherry on top: their outstanding customer service. They go of their way to ensure that I have everything I need in advance and patiently answer all my trivial questions.
For someone like me who is at the early stages of their professional life with hundred other things to do and cannot sit and learn the nuances of personal finances themselves, Omega Financials is the perfect partner!

Harshita MallareddyConsultant – Finance & Enterprise Performance, Deloitte USI Consulting